Planning & Preparation

By leveraging our decades of experience, Broadview’s customer success team will jointly collaborate with you to analyze your exact needs. We’ll extensively assess your environment, then marry your goals and expectations with a comprehensive end-to-end service strategy. Regardless of the services you choose Broadview to provide, your Customer Success team will always ensure we enjoy a successful partnership with positive outcomes.

Customer Success Management

Our commitment to our customers’ day-to-day experience with Broadview is at the core of our culture. We pride ourselves on Broadview’s ease of doing business and strive to ensure it is always a positive experience. At the heart of our operating model is our Customer Success Team. In collaboration with our Project and Service Management teams, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will custom-build a support model based on the nature of our partnership and your individual needs. Simply put, your CSM will be the shepherd of your experience and success with Broadview.

Primary Goals

  • Consistently drive successful outcomes.
  • Always be your advocate within Broadview.
  • Facilitate growth within our partnership to ensure long-term success and delight.

Collaborative Workshop

  •  Outline the players, and identify the CSM’s primary partner for success.
  •  Determine regular meeting cadence and topics to be discussed.
  • Identify the desired data and reporting requirements, how often, and in what format.
  • Collaborate and agree on success criteria, deliverables, and KPIs.
  • Determine the format for Quarterly Business Reviews, the data to be provided, and the topics to be discussed.

Post Collaboration Blueprint

  • Provide a written outline of the initial workshop that delivers a succinct and simplistic joint operating model.
  • Present final success criteria, deliverables, and KPIs.
  • Detail key contacts and escalation paths, including the process to engage.
  • Outline QBR format, topics, and scheduling.

Your Customer Success Manager’s charter is abundantly clear – get our relationship off to a great start, then consistently drive successful outcomes and ensure you always love doing business with Broadview.