Professional Support

We are relentless in our commitment to customer success. Broadview’s customer support organization exists to ensure that all aspects of your engagements run flawlessly, providing superior customer service and 24/7 availability. Your support team includes our Project Management and Service Delivery Management associates paired with our Customer Success team, all working together to ensure your experience with Broadview is nothing short of exceptional.

Project Management

One of the most critical roles in driving customer success and delight is your Broadview Project Manager. Your project manager is the glue that holds all aspects of your project together – they are responsible for the planning, scheduling, and execution of your project and serve as the primary point of contact for all project-related activities. Our project management methodology is expertly designed to oversee the unique requirements of your project and defined success criteria.

Our certified Project Managers employ a proven methodology jointly developed to blend Broadview’s specific methodologies with key principles from the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) project management framework. Our projects are managed to utilize five key phases that include:

  • Initiate: A kickoff meeting is held where project goals are identified, launching our project creation process. Deliverables are reviewed for feasibility and success, and service methodologies are discussed and agreed upon.
  • Plan: Tasks required for each phase of the project are outlined, and resources are identified and assigned. Milestones are agreed upon, and a project plan is created.
  • Execute:  The project manager leads the team through all aspects of the project plan while identifying and agreeing on project deliverables. The project is launched.
  • Monitor: The project manager oversees and monitors all aspects of the ongoing work. They ensure all delivery teams are meeting commitments and the project stays on time and within budget while also maintaining quality and mitigating risk.
  • Close:  A final closeout phase is performed, deliverables are reviewed, and the teams certify that all work has been completed and approved.

Our project managers are experts in their field, fostering personal relationships with our customers to consistently deliver on the commitments and quality you expect from Broadview.

Service Delivery Management

For customers leveraging our maintenance and support solutions, we assign a Service Delivery Manager to oversee all activities related to your experience with Broadview. This resource is a core member of Broadview’s Service Delivery organization and is fully embedded with the teams that support your contract. They are empowered to quickly make critical decisions supporting your services, further assisting Broadview in meeting our commitments to all customers. Specifically, your SDM’s core responsibilities include the following:

  • Acts as the customer’s primary point of contact within Broadview, overseeing all service-related activities and adherence to jointly defined SLAs, processes, and procedures.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for service-related questions, issues, and process enhancements.
  • Develops customer-specific service metrics for monthly reporting and quarterly review, overseeing monthly reporting process and deliverables.
  • Hosts quarterly business reviews to discuss the previous quarter’s performance and future initiatives.
  • Oversees client portal creation and ongoing enhancements.
  • Creates and oversees all processes, training, and certifications related to Broadview’s service delivery team.

Broadview’s Service Delivery Managers are your always-on resource to ensure ongoing service excellence and success.