Our Tools

Innovative Tools = Enhanced Customer Experience

Broadview continuously invests in many of the most innovative tools in the industry.  While others utilize outdated and antiquated systems, Broadview leverages the most technologically advanced resources available, allowing us to deliver our services efficiently and provide an exceptional experience for our customers.

Benefits of our investments include:
  • Efficiency in resource and event management.
  • Clear, defined data collection with full visibility of deliverables in real time.
  • Technology savvy tools that are continually upgraded to support the newest innovations and protocols.


Salesforce Service Cloud allows Broadview to extensively manage service efficiency, employee interaction, and customer visibility.  Service Cloud is critical to Broadview providing end to end solutions for all our service delivery functions, including field service management, inventory management, and client access.  Its highly customizable toolset has superior integration capabilities with third party tools, allowing us to operate all tasks within a single platform.  Most importantly, Salesforce offers intuitive integration capabilities with our client’s own infrastructure, allowing for seamless data transfer between our systems and theirs, all in real time.


Consistent data collection in the field is imperative to successfully delivering on our customer commitments.  We’ve partnered with FastField, a unique data collection tool that allows Broadview to create custom built electronic forms. These forms simplify data collection for our technicians while also providing consistent, uniform outputs.  The step-by-step approach virtually eliminates missed data and incomplete fields, providing a clean survey output for our customers and partners.

Click below for an infrastructure survey example completed using FastField –


Broadview leverages WilsonPro for all our cellular survey needs.  WilsonPro products allow our technicians to easily obtain an accurate and comprehensive cellular signal scan including 5G.  Their scanners quickly identify nearby towers, local carrier networks, and the strength and quality of different frequencies. All data is captured in Broadview’s cellular survey package and uploaded to our client portal, allowing our customers to easily review data and make informed decisions for carrier selection and hardware placement.

Click below for an example of Broadview’s completed cellular survey


Broadview offers a complete suite of wireless design services utilizing Ekahau wireless design products as our primary toolset.  Ekahau tools take our customers business requirements and combine them with real-world environmental factors like floor plans and wall materials, creating a perfectly tuned Wi-Fi design.  All surveys are performed by Broadview’s certified field workforce and immediately uploaded to your client portal for review.

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